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Programming The Psychodrill - Show Me Your Spine

Panic in Detroit-David Bowie (by radiovixen76)

How to loose credibility #comicsans (at Estádio Municipal de Oeiras)

Yesterday was a very sad day for music and Art in general. Lou Reed died at the age of 71. The younger generations will probably never get, how a guy who couldn’t sing much and who was completely against mainstream and heavy produced soulless recordings, got such artistic recognition. But I bet they know at least a couple of songs written by Mr Reed. Here is a small documentary, an introduction, to whom it may concern… Lou Reed - Rock n’ Roll Heart.

Svansikh is a Georgian pop music Duo from Tbilisi, consisting of two members Anano Sikharulidze (compose,arrange, vocal) and Bacho Svanidze (compose, arrange). The band was formed in 2010 and released their first single “Read in the air” which gained a great success and general recognition. It had followed several tracks like “Feel the butterflies” and “Thinking of you”.

at Amoreiras Shopping Center

Testament - Return to Serenity (by TestAmenTtoons)